project zoe

Welcome to Project Zoe: Your Open Source Companion for Church Management

In the spirit of advancing the Kingdom of God, Project Zoe is as a platform for churches worldwide, offering a robust, open-source platform designed to support stewardship and advancement of your ministry. Free to use and collaboratively enhanced by a global community, Project Zoe is not just tool; it’s a platform with a mission to support churches, regardless of size or resource availability.

Seamless Integration for Holistic Church Management

Project Zoe brings together every aspect of church management into one intuitive, streamlined platform. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for the unique dynamics of church operations. From the first welcome to the ongoing journey of faith, Zoe is here to ensure that every interaction and management task is handled with efficiency.

Features Designed with Your Ministry in Mind

  • Events and Worship Coordination: Plan, schedule, and manage all church events with ease, from small group meetings to large worship services. Integrated calendar and scheduling tools ensure that your church’s events are organized and communicated effectively.

  • Membership and Community Connection: At the heart of Zoe is a deep commitment to fostering community. Manage membership data, communicate with your congregation, and create opportunities for connection and spiritual growth.

Open Source, Open Hearts

As an open-source platform, Project Zoe thrives on collaboration and innovation. Churches, developers, and volunteers worldwide contribute to its continual improvement, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of church management solutions — all while remaining completely free.

Join the Project Zoe Community

Step into a world where managing your church’s administrative tasks is easier, so you can focus more on what truly matters: your ministry and community. With Project Zoe, you’re not just adopting a software; you’re joining a movement to bring churches into a new era of efficiency, connection, and impact.

Discover the power of open source. Discover the joy of seamless management. Discover Project Zoe today.