JavaScript Software Engineering


About the Course

A 4 Months Immersive program crafted to equip young Africans with relevant technical and soft skills needed to thrive as world-class full-stack software engineers.

The Bootcamp is split into two distinct learning tracks;
  • Frontend Developer Track - (starts 23rd May)
  • Backend Developer Track.

  • Who is eligible to enroll in the course?

    - This program is an excellent choice whether you are a beginner or already have some experience and wish to enhance your skills.

    - For individuals who have a strong passion for becoming professional software engineers and aspire to leverage technology to address real-world problems.

    Starts 23rd May, 2023

    What you'll Get From the Program.

    Hands-on experience working on real world projects and learning from industry experts.

    In-depth knowledge of working with JavaScript frameworks and libraries to build efficient user interfaces and Server-Side Applications.

    Knowledge on how to transform various customer requirements into a working solution.

    A good grasp of version control with Git.

    An immersive project based learning experience.

    Student Testimonials.

    Check out some of our Student testimonials from the previous JavaScript Software Engineering Bootcamp.
    We hope these get you even more excited about the Bootcamp.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    This Bootcamp is perfect for whoever is passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems. Whether you are just starting out or have some experience and are seeking to upskill, this is a great program for you.
    You must commit at least 3 hours daily to go through content and assignments on the learning management system. You'll be required to attend 3 class sessions a week and submit daily updates of your learning progress. The actual class session days will be communicated prior to the Bootcamp.
    Some lessons will be accessible via the LMS while others will be delivered during class sessions. Lessons on the LMS are mainly text-based with also links to resources some of which are videos. Most of the class sessions will be held online via Zoom. We shall also have some physical sessions during the course of the program where you shall get to meet your learning facilitators and classmates in person.
    Yes, upon successful completion of all the graduation requirements, you'll be awarded a certificate of successful completion.
    No, you are required to follow through with the Bootcamp schedule and attend all the lessons/classes in the allotted time. Since the program is cohort-based and with each learning track scheduled for a 2 months duration, you'll be required to follow the timelines of your cohort and complete on time.
    You'll need to have a laptop, a good internet connection, and zoom for virtual meetings. Other tools will be made known as and when needed
    No, it's not free. The program is split into two learning tracks; Frontend Developer Track = UGX 295,000 Backend Developer Track = UGX 400,000
    Yes, the Bootcamp classes will be held both virtually and physically. However, we'll have more virtual sessions than physical ones.
    Yes most of the Bootcamp sessions will be held online
    Please note that this duration each learning track is 2 months; Frontend Developer Track = 2 Months Backend Developer Track = 2 Months
    The program is split into two learning tracks; Frontend Developer Track = UGX 295,000 Backend Developer Track = UGX 400,000
    We don't have lessons every day. Tentatively, classes are to be held on Tuesdays and Fridays. For the other days, you'll be required to go through the content on the LMS (Learning Management System)
    We understand the importance of accommodating your busy schedules, and that's why we have designed the program to offer flexibility and additional learning resources to help you succeed. We have evening Classes: Our classes are scheduled from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, allowing you to attend without conflicting with your day job commitments. Learning Management System (LMS): We have developed a comprehensive Learning Management System exclusively for our Bootcamp participants. The LMS provides you with access to a wide range of learning resources, including text-based materials and video tutorials. Dedicated Support: Our experienced instructors and teaching assistants are committed to your success. They will be available during the evening classes provide guidance, and offer personalized assistance as needed. Collaborative Community: You will have the opportunity to engage with fellow classmates who are passionate about JavaScript and have similar goals. Sharing knowledge, discussing concepts, and networking with your peers can enhance your learning experience and foster valuable connections.

    Frontend Developer Track

    UGX 295,000

    Payment options will be shared upon registration for the Bootcamp